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Discover Your Collaboration Superpower & Make The Most Of Professional Partnerships 

Turn frustration into fabulous, fun and fulfilling; go from painful to productive and from irritating to inspiring...
Learn How To Make Working Together Online Work!

What's Your Collaboration Experience Been So Far?

Effective collaboration can be fantastic. But sometimes, it can leave you feeling frustrated, questioning what you’re doing, and wanting to pull your hair out. Whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer or a remote employee, mastering collaboration can be a game-changer. Discover how to make your work life more enjoyable, highly effective, and allow you to achieve your goals.

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Meet the Developers

While working together on their new joint venture, The Valued Workforce®, co-founders Bekka Prideaux and Lysa Greer were reminded that being a great virtual collaborator starts with knowing how you operate as a collaborator.

Bekka Prideaux

Lysa Greer

Understanding Your Collaborative superpower

Once you know your collaborative superpower, you can harness it and put it to work for you.
You'll discover it's easier to navigate your virtual collaborations, and will know your kryptonite. Learn your personal danger zones and how to avoid getting trapped on planet frustration.

It's important to understand that your collaborative superpower isn't your specific technical skill.
It's how you work best, which working processes are your ideal, and how you work with others. 

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Why We Developed The Virtual Collaboration Index

The Virtual Collaboration Index™ looks at the way people think and the way people act when they collaborate. It's not about there being one thinking style or one action style that is right or ideal for collaboration - it’s about understanding yourself and how you show up as a collaborator. Ask yourself:


  • What do you bring to the collaboration? 
  • How do you use your superpowers?
  • How do you cope in a collaboration full of your personal kryptonite?

The Virtual Collaboration Index™ will give you the insights you need to be a virtual collaborator superhero.

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